Tony Lelliott's publications

Some recent publications of mine are:

Nyamupangedengu, E. & Lelliott, A. (In Press). An exploration of learners’ use of worksheets during a science museum visit. African Journal for Research in MST Education.

Lelliott, A. (2010). The concept of spatial scale in astronomy addressed by an informal learning environment. African Journal for Research in MST Education. 14(3) 21-34.

Lelliott, A. & Rollnick, M. (2010). Big ideas: a review of astronomy education research 1974-2008. International Journal of Science Education. 32(13) 1771-1799.

Lelliott, A., Mwakapenda, W., Doidge, M., du Plessis, J., Mhlolo, M., Msimanga, A., Mundalamo, F., Nakedi M., & Bowie, L. (2009). Issues of Teaching & Learning in South Africa: a disjunction between curriculum policy and implementation. African Journal for Research in MST Education. 13(1) 47-63.

Lelliott, A. and Pendlebury, S. (2009). “A Large Object with a Small Museum”: A Narrative Analysis of Tlotlo’s Experience of an Astronomy Science Center. Curator: the Museum Journal 52(3) 241-260.

Lelliott, A. (2009). Using Personal Meaning Mapping to gather data on school visits. In Vavoula, G., Pachler, N. & Kukulska-Hulme, A. (Eds) Research Methods in Mobile and Informal Learning. Peter Lang: Oxford 205-220. ISBN 978-3-03911-832-8

Lelliott, A. D. & Mosabala, M. (2009). Why do they bring their classes? Teacher and learner perceptions of the purpose for class visits to science centres. In Proceedings (online) of 12th Annual Conference of the Southern African Association of Science and Technology Centres (SAASTEC) 23rd - 27th November 2009, Sutherland, South Africa.